A partnership offer organised by field

Our strategy is organised around fields with high innovation potential and five Carnot Institutes that cover our three specialty research areas of agriculture, food and the environment.

5 Carnot Institutes

The Carnot network is an original and effective system to support business innovation. The five Carnot Institutes led by INRAE – 3BCAR, France Futur Elevage, Qualiment, Plant2Pro and Water and the Environnment – are committed to facilitating and professionalising relationships with socio-economic partners, and especially start-ups and SMEs, along with larger companies. 
The four Carnot Institutes (3BCAR, France Futur Elevage, Qualiment and Plant2Pro) have been ISO 9001-certified since 2015 with a view to ensuring quality research contracts with companies:  

  • Staff specifically trained on partnerships with businesses
  • A project team and point of contact are designated during the research contract negotiation
  • Fast-tracked contractualisation process (<6 months)
  • Successful research partnerships
  • Satisfied businesses and researchers


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Director: Catherine Renard
Project Officer: 
Anne Nahant

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President: Michael O’Donohue
Director: Jean Tayeb
Project Officers: Coraline Caullet 
and Laure Akomia

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Director: Muriel Vayssier
Project Officers: Fanny Wacquet
and Bruno Latgé


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Director: Carole Caranta
Project Officers: Alice Valles 
and Fiona Bourdoncle



15 innovation fields

The Institute is in constant interaction with its stakeholders to actively contribute to forging new paths for innovation. It is focusing its efforts on 15 innovation fields:

Innovation field INRAE Partnership and Innovation Officers
PlantInnov [email protected] / [email protected]  
Biological Control [email protected]
Custom Breeding

[email protected] / sarah.campredon@inrae.fr

Animal Genetics [email protected] / [email protected]
Innovations for livestock health [email protected]
Personalised Nutrition [email protected] 
The Building Blocks of Healthy Food [email protected]
Microorganisms for Human and Animal Nutrition and Health [email protected]
Proteins for Human and Animal Nutrition [email protected] 
Urban Agriculture and Food [email protected]
Biorefinery and Biobased Products

diana.garcia-bernet@inrae.fr / jean-francois.ballester@inrae.fr

Forestry and Trees christian.ginisty@inrae.fr
Water, Soils and Effluents [email protected] 
Digital Agriculture [email protected]/ [email protected]
Agroecological Transition of Food Systems [email protected]

The innovation fields are developed through partnerships to:

  • Promote a vision and foster dialogue
  • Listen and understand demands
  • Imagine disruptive innovations 
  • Anticipate the impacts

They build on what INRAE does best by:

  • Drawing from our teams’ scientific expertise
  • Mobilising the Institute’s facilities and resources
  • Broadening our partnership network