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Whether you are a student or a teacher, if you are curious about science, you are in the right place. In this area of our website, you will find information and resources related to agriculture, food, and the environment that will help you better understand how science affects your daily life. They will also encourage you to form an opinion about and help build our common future. Come discover our reports, graphs, videos, and games!

Our research topics

Our research topics lie at the crossroads between agriculture, food, and the environment. We tackle questions that are central to our daily lives and that are at the heart of the global challenges that affect us all. These include enhancing food security, limiting the effects of climate change, preserving biodiversity and other resources, and ensuring a good quality of life.


For multi-function agricultural systems


Know, preserve, restore biodiversity

Climate change and risks

Adapting to climate change and managing risks



INRAE, player in the bioeconomy

Food, global health

Food at the heart of our health

Society and regional strategies

Foster sustainable agricultural and food systems

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Our videos

Our videos can help you understand what’s going on in the world…

Guillaume Martin, agroecology in full swing:

Pascal Neveu, orchestrating big data:

Sophie Nicklaus, children's eating habits: