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A GDPR policy for the institute and resources for staff

INRAE is very aware of the ever-accelerating use of digital technology and the important ethical and legal aspects of its research mission. The publication of INRAE’s Personal Data Protection Policy document demonstrates the Institute’s unwavering commitment to privacy issues. The Institute also offers its staff a range of support on these topics, with an e-training course, monthly webinars, intranet tools and other reference documents.

Published on 19 October 2022

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The policy, overseen by the Data Protection Officer, applies in tandem with the information system security policy and the open science policy and is fully part of the institution’s system of governance of scientific data.

Who does the GDPR policy apply to?

This policy applies to all parties (staff, partners, stakeholders, etc.) who provide information of any kind. All of the Institute’s employees are subject to it.

Furthermore, it also applies to any person with whom INRAE works or who acts on behalf of INRAE and who may require occasional access to personal data.

Staff resources

INRAE has just finalised an e-training course to help staff learn all the ins and outs of the GDPR. Five modules are offered, in French and English, including a practical application and a module on risks and sanctions.

The Data Protection Officer regularly offers additional awareness-raising activities. More resources and tools are available to staff on the intranet, including help choosing required GDPR formalities.